Specializing in the treatment of Foot and Ankle Disorders

Vacation Checklist

In case of minor foot problems, be prepared with the following on-the-go foot gear: Flip-flops — for the pool, spa, hotel room, and airport security checkpoints Sterile bandages — for covering minor cuts and scrapes on the foot Antibiotic cream — to treat any skin injury Emollient-enriched cream — to hydrate feet Blister pads or moleskin — to protect  against  blisters Motrin or Advil (anti-inflammatory) — to ease  tired, swollen feet Toenail clippers — … Read more

Keep in mind: Summer footwear tips

Can’t decide which type of shoe to wear this summer? Here are a few helpful tips: Flip-Flops Even the most intuitive person may have trouble deciding between the countless flip-flop colors and style choices. To minimize foot pain often caused by flip-flops, select a pair that has some support and is unable to bend in half. Blisters are typically caused by poor-fitting straps, so choose a style made of natural materials, such as soft leather, and make sure the foot doesn’t hang … Read more

Tips for healthy feet at each stage of your child’s development

1 – INFANCY (birth to 1 year) Look carefully at your baby’s feet. A child’s feet grow rapidly during the first year. For this reason, podiatric physicians consider this period to be the most critical stage of the foot’s development. If you notice something that does not look normal to you, contact a podiatric physician. Most deformities will not correct themselves if left untreated. Keep your baby’s feet unrestricted. No shoes … Read more

Keeping kid’s feet happy and healthy

First Steps: Keeping kid’s feet happy and healthy

When it comes to the health of your children, you do everything you can to help then grow up healthy and strong. You get them vaccinated, take them to the dentist and optometrist, and you do your best to ensure they eat a nutritious diet that will help them grow. But are you aware of the important role foot health plays in a child’s overall development? “Every parent knows the … Read more

Winter weather especially harsh for those with diabetes

For people with health issues like diabetes, foot health is especially important  when the weather turns cold, as the disease can affect your body’s circulation even more so during the winter months. People with diabetes should keep these tips in mind: You probably wouldn’t dream of going barefoot outside in the winter, but you shouldn’t do it inside, either. Always wear shoes and socks when walking outside, and at least wear socks inside. … Read more