Specializing in the treatment of Foot and Ankle Disorders

Vacation Checklist

In case of minor foot problems, be prepared with the following on-the-go foot gear:

  • Flip-flops — for the pool, spa, hotel room, and airport security checkpoints
  • Sterile bandages — for covering minor cuts and scrapes on the foot
  • Antibiotic cream — to treat any skin injury
  • Emollient-enriched cream — to hydrate feet
  • Blister pads or moleskin — to protect  against  blisters
  • Motrin or Advil (anti-inflammatory) — to ease  tired, swollen feet
  • Toenail clippers — to keep toenails  neatly trimmed
  • Emery board — to  smooth  rough edges or broken nails
  • Pumice stone — to  soften callused skin
  • Sunscreen — to  protect  against  the scorching sun
  • Aloe vera or Silvadene cream — to relieve sunburns

Find a full list of APMA-approved products  at www.ampa.org.