You can outsmart diabetes

Diabetes affects the lives of more than 29 milllion people in the Unites States, and more than eight million don’t even know they have the disease yet. Diabetes is the inabiity to manufacture or properly use insulin, and it impairs the body’s ability to convert sugars, starches, and other foods into energy. The long-term effects of elevated blood sugar (hyperglycemia) can lead to serious damage to the eyes, heart, kidneys, … Read more

Winter weather especially harsh for those with diabetes

For people with health issues like diabetes, foot health is especially important  when the weather turns cold, as the disease can affect your body’s circulation even more so during the winter months. People with diabetes should keep these tips in mind: You probably wouldn’t dream of going barefoot outside in the winter, but you shouldn’t do it inside, either. Always wear shoes and socks when walking outside, and at least wear socks inside. … Read more

This November, Knock Your Socks Off!

If you are battling diabetes, you are not alone! Millions of Americans are fighting with you; young and old, male and female, African Americans and Caucasians. No one is immune  to this growing epidemic. Hispanic Americans in  particular are at risk of developing the disease. According to the American Diabetes Association,  nearly 12 percent of the Hispanic population  has diabetes. Even more importantly, Hispanic  Americans are at a 66 percent … Read more

Find out how much you know about diabetes and foot care

Take our True/False Quiz Even though someone in my family has diabetes, I don’t need to worry about it. FALSE — Along with age and obesity, a family history of diabetes can increase your chances of developing diabetes. I need to educate my family on the dangers of diabetes. TRUE — Diabetes is a family affair. Everyone in the family should know about the disease and should be helping those … Read more

Know your diabetes management team

While diabetes affects the body negatively from head to toe, it can be controlled successfully with guidance and treatment from a team of medical specialists. Primary Care Physician — A family physician or internist plays the important role of coordinator. He or she is often the first doctor one sees after a diabetes diagnosis and makes referrals to other specialists on the treatment team. Endocrinologist — This specialist treats many … Read more