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Spring is Coming: Get Ready to Show Those Toes

With spring coming and our thoughts focused on getting out of the house and enjoying the season, getting our feet ready for flip flops and sandals becomes a high priority. However, when you head off to the salon for a pedicure or when you take out your own scissors and files, there are some serious issues you should consider. Salon pedicures are meant only for aesthetics and should not substitute … Read more

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Dry Skin and Winter Itch

Colder temperatures each winter bring many Americans one big problem: dry, cracked skin. Those itchy, dry patches are nature’s way of letting us know that the outer layer of our skin, made up of dead skin cells, natural oils and lipids (fats), needs help. Cold weather and lower humidity as a result of indoor heating can strip away the skin’s natural protective layer and wreak havoc with our skin’s ability … Read more

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Sock it to Me – Your Socks Have Gone High Tech

New technology has invaded our homes and our offices. It’s become essential in how we correspond with one another, how we drive our cars and even how we stay warm in winter. Even the socks we wear have undergone transformations that relate to technology. New technology has made fabrics healthier, more comfortable, and better looking than ever. Using fabrics like synthetics and polyester blends and getting away from cotton can … Read more

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Sneakers for the homeless

On Saturday, April 6, Dr. Lynn LeBlanc, along with several other volunteer podiatrists, provided free foot exams to homeless people at the Footwear With Care’s “Spring Sneaker Party” at Dunkin’ Donuts Park in Hartford. “Today there was a woman with shortness of breath and swelling in her legs. It was most likely a blood clot — we sent her to the hospital,” LeBlanc said. “Another woman had an (untreated) ankle … Read more

Podiatrists, a doctor for every stage in your life

Today’s podiatrist: a physician for every stage of your life

Think podiatrists only treat skin and nail conditions? Think again! Today’s podiatrists are physicians, surgeons, and specialists who can help treat foot and ankle conditions. From that pesky toenail fungus that won’t go away, to operating on your heel spurs and treating ankle fractures, today’s podiatrist can do it all. Today’s podiatrist is specially trained to help you treat that debilitating foot pain. According to a 2018 study by the … Read more