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Keep in mind: Summer footwear tips

Summer footwear tipsCan’t decide which type of shoe to wear this summer? Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Flip-Flops
    Even the most intuitive person may have trouble deciding between the countless flip-flop colors and style choices. To minimize foot pain often caused by flip-flops, select a pair that has some support and is unable to bend in half. Blisters are typically caused by poor-fitting straps, so choose a style made of natural materials, such as soft leather, and make sure the foot doesn’t hang off the edge. Heel pain sufferers should not wear flip-flops.
    APMA Shoe Pick: FitFlop Limited LULU™
  • Athletic Sandals
    When searching for the next adventure, be sure to have a great pair of practical and supportive athletic sandals on hand. Just make sure to have traction, like ridges or treading, on the soles to avoid slips. Also, choose sandals that have a built-in support so that the foot doesn’t twist. Straps and insoles should be made of natural materials. Avoid straps that are too tight, or foot circulation can become diminished.
    APMA Shoe Pick: The Walking Company ABEO B.I.O.system® Topanga
  • Platforms and Wedges
    Towering platforms and wedges combine all the things many women love in footwear — a little bit of height, straps, and lots of style options. Be careful up there, though, because platforms and wedges can be unsteady, causing instability and problems with balance. Also, excessive height can lead to ankle rolls and falls. Try lower platforms and wedges with secure ankle straps, cork material bottoms for shock absorption, and traction for slippery conditions. When wearing this shoe type, always avoid uneven terrain.
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