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Sneakers for the homeless

On Saturday, April 6, Dr. Lynn LeBlanc, along with several other volunteer podiatrists, provided free foot exams to homeless people at the Footwear With Care’s “Spring Sneaker Party” at Dunkin’ Donuts Park in Hartford.

“Today there was a woman with shortness of breath and swelling in her legs. It was most likely a blood clot — we sent her to the hospital,” LeBlanc said. “Another woman had an (untreated) ankle fracture. A lot of what we see is from neglect, or where people just hope it will go away.”

Volunteers from UConn and the Hartford Police Department were also present to help people pick their free sneakers and socks.

Footwear With Care accepts donations through https://footwearwithcare.org. It has provided nearly 3,000 pairs of boots and shoes in the past three years and arranged 650 medical foot exams for homeless people.

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