Specializing in the treatment of Foot and Ankle Disorders

Very professional and caring.

To anyone needing not only podiatry but for those of you who like myself visited over five of what was considered to be the best in the business all five gave me no options except removal of my left leg from the knee down. The last dr i saw was finally honest and said if anyone could completely reconstruct my left foot ankle, bones, Achilles tendon, and much more it was Dr. Gambardella. I met with Dr. G and he asked me one question do you want to keep the leg or not? He told me straight out what was involved which was several surgeries and at least a two year commitment including yes the pain, im grateful to this highly gifted, educated and probably the best physician i have ever had and i have had a total of approximately 14 surgeries in my life he not only saved my leg but he might not know it he also saved my life read between the lines. I would recommend and have to anyone who needs his talent who by the way was recently my roommate whos surgery was also a complete success. Dr. Gambardella has been there for me night and day when needed, his team is also very professional and caring as well god bless all of you and thank you again for caring and saving my life! P. S. I promise to finish paying for this even if it has to be done through osmosis, lol happy new year ! I cant wait to get back to the Appalachian trail !

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