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Love Bloomfield Foot Specialists

I have Scleroderma disease and Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. G have helped me so much with my feet pain due to this dibilitating disease. I am suffering right now with plantar fasciitis and Dr. G gave me cortisone injections in both feet and I am feeling so much better How lucky I am to find such wonderful caring doctors they are so hard to find these days feeling blessed…This disease also can turn your toes and curl and be severe pain and looking forward to Dr. G straightening them for me hes a very kind man and lets you know he cares about you as a patient, The staff is very, kind and understanding to your needs. Dr. LeBlanc is so wonderful with all her patients also big heart which is hard to find these day’s its great to feel cared about the minute you walk in the door…..Love Bloomfield Foot Specialists!😊😗 5 stars